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Learn to dive with Thistle Divers

We’re Thistle Divers, you can see some of us below in the picture. We’re a friendly bunch of BSAC affiliated divers who meet regularly on a Monday night at Kilsyth Swimming Pool between the hours of 7pm and 8pm and the Coachman between the hours of 8pm and 9pm.

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Welcome to Thistle Divers

We have access to the pool between 7-8pm and we use this time to teach new divers, develop our existing members and hone our skills for doing what we like to do best… SCUBA diving!

As a club we have been diving since 1972 and enjoy nothing better than a few dives at the weekend in some of the excellent sites that Scotland has to offer. So, if you’ve dived so often, you’ve never dried out, or you’ve always fancied taking up this wonder of the sporting world, pop along and see us. Any of the links above will get you to us, and you can navigate your way through our pages and see some of the fun stuff we get up to and some of the fantastic stuff, you will see when it’s your time to get under the water and start exploring areas such as Loch Long, Loch Fyne or maybe come along on “doon the watter” as we take the RHIB down the Firth of Clyde.

Come and see us ! Have a chat ! Maybe pop along to our local, The Coachman, where we meet, yap and plan diving…and it’s just a stone’s throw from the pool.

We’d love to meet you.

Book a Try Dive

If you have always wanted to learn to dive or are simply curious about scuba diving, then a Try Dive with Thistle Divers is the perfect introduction!

In the safe confines of the pool, a BSAC Instructor will introduce you to the basic skills and equipment needed to experience the thrill of breathing underwater for the very first time. Try Dives cost £25.

A typical Try Dive session lasts about 60 minutes. It involves poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment, followed by a scuba dive in our pool with a BSAC-qualified instructor.

Book a Try Dive
  • Run by experienced BSAC-qualified instructors
  • Help save time and money by trying scuba first
  • A great experience that could be the start of something amazing
  • All scuba equipment included
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