About the Club

Nice kit!Try Dive 1981A holiday snap from Gozo, 1990California trip 1997Who are we?

Thistle Divers is a sub aqua club with history.  Thistle Divers is a club with experience. Thistle Divers is a club with divers who like to do just that…dive!

For over 40 years, BSAC club, Thistle Divers, have been training divers of all ages to the highest of standards and then taking them out to quality dive sites far and wide. Our divers have the love of the sport at heart and like to share that with others. So if you’re over 14  or under 90, come and talk to us about starting a fantastic watersport hobby .

I bet you’ve wondered what it’s like to go diving, or maybe snorkelling? Wondered what it’s like to slip beneath the waves with scuba gear on? Well it simply can’t be described. Don’t just take my word for it though, come along and meet us at the pool and watch as we practise and train to keep our skills and qualifications current and to the highest of standards. Our dive club meets at Kilsyth swimming baths every Monday night at 6:30pm and hit the pool at 7pm. We can arrange for a try dive in the pool using our club dive gear, to give you just a feel of how good diving actually is, and when you realise you should have done this years ago, we can organise your full training and get you out into the open water to experience the beauty of marine life in its natural habitat.

Have we sold diving to you yet?

You’re still wondering about it, aren’t you ? Well let me think then…

What about a boat trip in our RHIB? Thistle Divers have their own boat and we like to use it as often as possible. The people you see on TV going into the water off the side of a boat…that can be you. The people you see on TV underwater with seals swimming beside them within touching distance…that can be you.  What about the people taking those underwater dive photos and video, the people inspecting wrecks or watching scallops swim by? That great video you watched of conger eels hiding or crab fighting…you can experience all of this with us. Let us train you to Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and beyond, so that you can come and enjoy the wonderful peaceful serenity of the underwater environment.

But you want to know where we go, don’t you? Well, how about Glencoe? Skye? Lochaline? The Farne Islands? Egypt? Iceland? There is always a trip of some description getting arranged and we like to try and get a bit further afield every once in a while. Scottish diving is superb, but it’s always nice to get away from home from time to time, isn’t it? At Thistle Divers we like to try and keep the diving exciting and different, so why not join us, get your qualifications and open up yourself up to a whole new world of quality leisure.


But I like to socialise too!

Of course you do, and so do we. One of the great things about the club is our social side. We like to organise days out, pub nights, beach barbeques and we always hit the local on a Monday night for a friendly catch up and maybe even some gentle ribbing of the week’s daftest people. Always a great laugh and a sure-fire cure for the Monday blues!

But want to know where we socialise best? When we’re out diving, of course! In between dives we like to trade stories, experiences and laughs…and that’s when you’ll realise what a fun, friendly, yet professional group,  you’ve chosen to join. So don’t delay, contact us today. Give the mobile  at the top of the page a call or email us enquiries@thistledivers.co.uk and we’ll get back to you asap. You can even get us on Facebook, if that’s better for you. Go on…go for it!

Garvellachs trip 2007