Tea Rooms, Loch Fyne April

A great days diving, with the adddd bonus of some training thrown in.

Fantastic food served at the Tea Rooms Cafe

Kyle of Lochalsh April

Easter weekend trip up to the Kyle of Lochalsh.

Eight divers travelled up and stayed in plockton, diving was fantastic, incredible visibility on day one.

Great long weekend away.

Paul n Mary’s Easter weekend, Glencoe April

Paul n Mary went up to Loch Leven area, Glencoe to do some diving whilst the rest of the troops traveled further afield.

Some members popped in for a dive with them on their way back home.

Trail Island, Cumbrae May

We had a great day out yesterday diving at Trail Island my buddy George and I were in the water for 58 minutes really nice wee bimble around, only saw one fish though but plenty of starfish!

Seil Island, Minard April

some eager divers took the Boat out on what was a cracking day weather wise. Also diving matched the weather.

Fisherman Car Park March

 A few Divers turned out on one of the best days weather wise this year.

we dived the Fishermans Car Park, Loch Long.

Diving the Caves Loch Long 26 Feb 2017

A few of the team ventured out to the Caves on what was a Very Cold day. A good dive was had by all, Again misfortune seen a Dry suit go down on this dive. This time it was Martin (Wandive) Patersons cuff seal.

Pauls Dive        Refreshments

Andy dives Dog Fish Reef 19 Feb

Andy G,

Organised his 1st Dive as part of his Dive Leader Training.

He chose to go to Dog Fish Reef on Loch Fyne.

A very pleasant dive lots of Dog Fish and plenty more to see.

Andy       Dog Fish

Not a totally uneventful dive. Some people chose not to dive in a Dry Suit but to go continental in a Semi Dry, Dry Suit (DOTY).

Andys 1st Dive          Anemone

After diving everyone went for refreshments, Andy wanted his on the Rocks

On the Rocks

Sunday 19th Feb 17

Andy’s dive at Dogfish Reef Loch Fyne.

Dogfish Reef    Andy   Anemone    Dog Fish

Four members of Thistle went out to Dog Fish Reef, Loch Fyne

Car at Village Inn

Andy’s driving before any refreshments were had

Sunday 12th Feb 17

Four hardy divers enjoyed some nice diving in good visibility at Conger Alley, Loch Long.
Quite cold on the surface. It was said to be warmer in the Water than out, at 9°C in-water.
Jeep problems at the end of the day. Towed home by Martin (Wandive) Paterson.

Rob lost his Backup torch, doh.

Sunday     Scallop    Shrimp    Dead Mans Finger    DOTY