Grant Award


On 28 May 2015 the club got the great news that it had been awarded a £5,000 grant from The Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All Scotland. This is a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund and Sport Scotland which offers small clubs like ours the opportunity to apply for a grant of between £500 and £10,000 for projects that aim to help improve sporting activity in their local community.


The process which had to be followed a little daunting at first but once tackled was actually relatively straight forward and dealt with in a very professional manner by the Awards for All –Big Lottery Fund staff. An application form some 27 pages long had to be filled in and submitted by e-mail. As I say this appeared quite daunting but the electronic format to filling out the application made it a lot simpler than it sounds. The club had to identify a project it wished to carry out. We called ours “Thistle Divers – Getting People Breathing Underwater”. We submitted an application for £10,000. We then had to wait around 13 weeks whilst our application was assessed. This was a long wait but worth it in the end when we heard that we had been awarded £5,000 of the £10,000 applied for, which was still a fantastic boom for a club like ours.


One important aspects of the process is that we had to identify exactly what we wished to buy with the grant money and cost our project accurately. Obviously in the end we only received half of what we had asked for we could not buy everything on our list but as long as it was on our original list we could chose what to spend the money on. This is probably the most time consuming and difficult part of the process as it is important to identify what it is you really want and need before submitting the application. It is not enough just to ask for money you have to say what the money is for and keep to that once it has been received.


We also had to identify how the money would help the local community. In our application we stated that we wanted the equipment as it would allow young people in the area to take up the sport without having to spend a prohibitive amount of money on equipment. What we aimed to address was the financial difficulties which people have in accessing the fantastic sport of scuba diving. Having good quality rental equipment will allow young people and those on low incomes to take up the sport. It was a vital part of the application that we were able to show that this money would be put to good use in expanding the sporting opportunities for people in our area. We emphasised that Scuba-diving was not only a sport which gets people active and healthy, but that it is also an educational activity where people learn about such issues as safety, first aid, equipment maintenance, the effects of pressure on the body, the effects of nitrogen in the blood and importance of knowing tide tables, marine life and ship wrecks around Scotland. Most of all we stressed that taking part in scuba diving was also a great way to meet other people. The ‘buddy system’ of diving where people must dive in pairs for safety reasons means that by necessity it is a sport that brings people together.


Thanks to The Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All Scotland the club now has a great GPS and Sounder system for our RIHB, 4 brand new regulators, 4 brand new BCD’s and £1,200 left to spend over the course of the year as we identify what we need most from our original list. We hope very much that we will be able to attract more new members to the club and get more people breathing underwater.

GPS & Sounder

GPS & Sounder

Awards for All

Awards for All

Diving Glencoe 29 Oct 2014

Glencoe1 Glencoe

Diving Glencoe 29 Oct 2014

Paul organised this club/camping/ diving weekend with a little help from Martin!

Plan was to take boat and launch it from the slip on campsite, unfortunately, despite our best attempts to get boat trailer serviceable for trip we failed!

Arrived at Invercoe campsite and pitched our tent then helped Martin to pitch his! Hungry after a long day opted for the nearest food haunt, the Glencoe Gathering, washing down a nice meal with a couple of pints while two chaps entertained us on guitar and keyboard! Willie Peat intermittently text his journey progress!

We arrived back at camp as he got there!

Helped get him pitched, quick wee drink and to bed ready for diving in the morning. Andrew Gibson and Claire Howard, from HMS Neptune joined us.

First dive was new to us down near Glencoe hotel, Carnoch bay. We did the wall but there is also a reef which is better found by boat! The guys kitted, buddied up and went in as did Claire and I. Viz was awful, site very silty and shallow until we got round to other side! We progressed down to 32 metres and turned! Best part was on return around 20 up to 15mts. It was much clearer, seen some nice anemones and some fishes!! Return to shore guys were full of their dive exploits. Paul had spotted some nice big fish, no pics tho!

Claire’s new suit flooded but undeterred headed with us to the Slates after a bite to eat! Same buddy pair, guys opting to cross bay to the wee wrecks while we did the usual one. Claire leading this time. Was a good dive viz around 3mts! Good usual life on it some shoals of small fish! After de kitting and debrief back to “Gathering” for a well earned pint! Waving off Claire and Andrew we headed back to camp soon to be joined by Bill Spence! After getting him pitched and we all got showered and glad rags headed to Clachaig Inn! It was stowed, we finally managed to get seated on our way out, thankfully as we were all starved! Back to the Gathering. Paul and Martin took the car back to camp and joined us! Earlyish start so we did not stay long!

Refreshed next morning we planned to dive the Manse. Anne Peck unfortunately developed tooth ache and wasn’t joining us!

I took Bill and Will onto the wall! While Martin and Paul went off on another exploratory dive just along from the wall! Turned out to be rather exciting but tiring as they were being taken along with a current which they had to fight on the way back! They were both full of stories and are keen to give it a try another time. Advised only fit competent divers to do this one!

Glencoe3 Glen coe2

Dive Club Pool Nights – Important Information

It has came to light that North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) are monitoring the number of swimmers/divers in the pool on Monday evening club nights.  They are doing this to track whether the dive club takings actually covers what it costs NLC to keep the pool open for us and seemingly, this is a cost of approximately £60.   Unfortunately, the majority of the time, we are just not meeting this. 
This is all part of their proposals to reduce the opening/closing hours of pools across North Lanarkshire,  (Kilsyth is just one of them) with effect from April 2014 and in doing so will not require the same number of pool attendants to work each shift so basically they are cost cutting!
What can the members of Thistle Divers do to help?
We are asking for your support here please…. if we cannot justify to NLC the huge importance for our club to keep the pool open late for us one night a week… quite simply ..it won’t be that long until we won’t have this facility to use for training and swimming/leisure..
What support do you need to give? – please come to the pool and pay to use the pool facilities, instead of sitting blethering at the poolside, get your cozzies and speedo’s on and get into the water and blether there instead or even better –  go swimming and do yourselves some good!!  
Those of you with kids who are old enough to be up until 10 p.m. bring them too!!  The more the better for your club.
NLC consult again in September to conclude their proposals so if we have any chance of fighting this we need your support urgently NOW!!
We have enough members in our club to make a real impact on this issue.  It’s down to each of you to make it a success.

Committee Meeting Monday 3 June 13

Location: Garrell Vale Community Centre Kilsyth

time: 19.30 h

Gala Day – 8th June 2013

Calling all members, friends of THISTLE DIVERS…
The Gala day is on the 8th of June 2013 and we urgently need bottles for our tombola stall – so that we can raise money for the club, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hand some donations into David on Monday Night at the club – Many Thanks 🙂