Dive Club Pool Nights – Important Information

It has came to light that North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) are monitoring the number of swimmers/divers in the pool on Monday evening club nights.  They are doing this to track whether the dive club takings actually covers what it costs NLC to keep the pool open for us and seemingly, this is a cost of approximately £60.   Unfortunately, the majority of the time, we are just not meeting this. 
This is all part of their proposals to reduce the opening/closing hours of pools across North Lanarkshire,  (Kilsyth is just one of them) with effect from April 2014 and in doing so will not require the same number of pool attendants to work each shift so basically they are cost cutting!
What can the members of Thistle Divers do to help?
We are asking for your support here please…. if we cannot justify to NLC the huge importance for our club to keep the pool open late for us one night a week… quite simply ..it won’t be that long until we won’t have this facility to use for training and swimming/leisure..
What support do you need to give? – please come to the pool and pay to use the pool facilities, instead of sitting blethering at the poolside, get your cozzies and speedo’s on and get into the water and blether there instead or even better –  go swimming and do yourselves some good!!  
Those of you with kids who are old enough to be up until 10 p.m. bring them too!!  The more the better for your club.
NLC consult again in September to conclude their proposals so if we have any chance of fighting this we need your support urgently NOW!!
We have enough members in our club to make a real impact on this issue.  It’s down to each of you to make it a success.

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