How much does a Try-Dive cost?

A Try-Dive costs only £10 + Pool Entry fee.

This gives you an opportunity to try Scuba in a warm friendly safe environment. If you enjoy it then you can think about joining.

What is the minimum age for learning to Snorkel or Scuba dive?

The minimum age for learning to snorkel or scuba dive with Thistle Divers is 16.

How long does the training take?

Training normally takes about 3months, we at Thistle Divers will let you learn at the pace that suits the individual however long or short that is. If you would like to try and fast track your training then just discuss your time scale with us.

Training is split into 3 sections – theory lessons, pool training and open water diving. Pool training is  carried out on Monday evenings from 7 till 8. The theory lessons are arranged to suit our students and Instructors.  Open water dives are organised after pool and theory training has been completed. We try to accommodate new members training to fit around work and other commitments.

How much does it cost to learn to dive?

If you are new to diving and are going through your Ocean Diver training, your first years membership will be £250.00 this includes your training pack For Junior/Students, Ocean Diver Training including your first years membership will be £200.00.

This covers the cost of training materials. Qualified divers from other agencies pay standard membership rates to join.

Please refer to our Membership Link for costs https://www.thistledivers.co.uk/membership/

* Abated Discounts are available for 2 or more members in the same household.

What do I get for joining BSAC?

  • Sport Diver and Instructor Training using an internationally recognised and admired system based on over 40 years of experience as the UK Governing Body for the Sport.
  • A vast selection of specialist skill development courses, available at members’ prices.
  • Third party liability insurance cover included in your subscription.
  • Monthly copies Scuba magazine delivered to your home.
  • Quality service and back-up from the BSAC Headquarters.
  • Support, advice and specialist training from the BSAC Regional Coaching Teams.
  • Highly competitive full equipment and travel insurance cover, exclusively tailored for BSAC divers’ needs.

Do I need a medical?

BSAC now operate a policy of self declaration. A copy of the self declaration form is contained in the try dive pack. If you can answer ‘no’ to all the medical questions simply sign the form and keep a copy. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions it will be necessary to contact a medical referee to determine if you are fit to dive.

Please do not assume that a ‘yes’ answer will bar you from diving. If you are unsure, advice is available from medically qualified club members.

What qualification do I get at the end of my training?

BSAC Ocean Diver

For divers who join with no previous qualifications, at the end of the course you should have completed the 6 theory lessons, 1 theory exam, pool training and open water training for the BSAC Ocean Diver. Welcome to the world of the Ocean Diver!

We welcome qualified divers from other agencies. You can come and join the club and just go diving with us or crossover your qualification and progress your diving by working towards your next diver grade. We at Thistle will help you to achieve your goals.

What is the difference between BSAC and PADI?

BSAC is a scuba diving club run for the benefit of its members by its members, PADI is a commercial organisation, both offering diver training. Qualifications from both organisations are recognised worldwide.

A BSAC Ocean Diver open water course costs £250 (2017). A PADI open water course equivalent to Ocean Diver is approximately £350. The advantage of a BSAC club is that when you have completed your training you have some friends to dive with. The advantage of PADI is that because of its commercial nature, course are more intensive and can be completed in a matter of days.

What equipment to I need to buy?

Within a few weeks you will be expected to purchase you own mask, fins and snorkel. Other equipment for pool training will be provided by the club.

As good quality mask, fins and snorkel can cost up to £100 please do not rush out and buy kit. Some of the early lectures will explain what type of equipment to buy. In addition club members can provide advice on what to buy and where to get the best deal. When you are ready to carry out open water dive, equipment is supplied by the club except Dry suits that can be hired from local dive shops.

*dry suit hire is not included in the training costs*

If I want to buy my own gear how much will it cost?

A basic set of new equipment will cost from £1000. However there is no need to buy this all at once or to buy all new equipment. There is a reasonable second hand market for equipment and club members are happy to provide advice on what is a good buy.

Where do we dive?

We dive extensively throughout Scotland and beyond. One of the best things is that you may see areas of beauty, above and below the water, that you haven’t seen before. We take our boat as often as possible to the East and West Coasts of Scotland. We organise trips further afield too…Egypt and Iceland to name a few…but there is no pressure to go. We know that once the diving bug gets you, you’ll be asking us when the next trip is. Contact us at enquiries@thistledivers.co.uk