Club Membership Rates

You never know what you might find . . .So how much is it to join this fab, fun filled club I hear you ask? Well to be honest, it’s rather reasonable actually. Lets see…

If I said to you, you can be a member of our club for the price of 2 bars of chocolate a week, you would say “No way!” and you would be correct.It’s less!

If I said you could join our club for the cost of a single tank of petrol, you would scoff!! But it’s true, and if you don’t believe me, look at the table below and work it out.

Full Diving Member £72
Junior / Student Membership £36
Non Diving Membership £30

If I said to you that for the BSAC membership, it costs less than the price of a bottle of fizzy juice a week, would you be impressed? Well, you should be. If I told you that it works out at the equivalent of only just £1.10 per week, I bet you would never have guessed!

BSAC membership (which you need along with club membership), costs only £59:00. I bet you thought it cost a lot more than that to be part of one of the best sporting experiences in the world.

If you are new to diving and are going through your Ocean Diver training, your first years membership will be £250.00 this includes your training pack For Junior/Students, Ocean Diver Training including your first years membership will be £200.00.

This covers the cost of training materials. Qualified divers from other agencies pay standard membership rates to join.