Wave Shape
Wave Shape

29 Steps – 14 January 2024

Waves Shape

My first dive of 2024 was to revisit an old site I had not dived in many years. The 29 steps is just a hop skip and a jump from the popular A-Frames site on Loch Long. However, it is rarely used now as a training site and therefore not nearly so busy. Myself, Janet and Stephen ventured out to see what was there.

Once the 29 steps are navigated (which is easy enough if you are fit, a bit of exercise if you are not) it is a nice entry with a gentle sloping beach which carries on underwater. There is also a small slip of some kind which is good for resting kit on and getting fins on.

The dive itself involves a slight left turn when you enter the water and down at 7/8 metres there is a little boat to look at and a little further on the remains of what was once a training platform, which has been battered about a bit now but still something to have a look at.

We touched 20 metres as the bottom became a little more featureless and then ventured back up the gentle slop.

All and all a nice easy dive introduction into the year.

Once out we were briefly joined by Rob, Iain and Michael who had done a deeper dive at Glen End Road just along the road.

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