Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Club Trip to Gozo – September 2022

Waves Shape

Myself, Andrew Gibson, Martin Paterson, and 5 other worthy divers including the excellent Charlie Leeson and Jeff Grozier headed off into the sun, sea and scuba.


Diving went as follows:

Day 1…..Blue lagoon followed by Reqqa point.

Day 2….Ras Il Hob followed by the Inland sea

Day 3….Bellinghams Cave followed by Cathedral Cave

Day 4….Xlendi, followed by Xixini

Day 5….Unknown cave, followed by boat dive onto the twin arches.


Anyone who has dived here will know how hard it is to describe just how good the diving is but it is simply superb. My own highlight had to be twin arches and not just the fun of diving through them, but turning round and seeing Charlie heading down to the bottom, head first, tombstoning no less, to the bottom arch. Surreal and hilarious.

Seriously though, a big thank you to all the group for what was a great time, with great diving and some truly awful patter !! Hope theres another one next year !!

Apologies for the picture quality…..I’m as good a photographer as I am a diver 🤣


Donald Bain


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