Wave Shape
Wave Shape

First “loch” dive – Finnart, Loch Long

Waves Shape

An early start, for me, leaving at 6.30am and arriving at our destination at 7.40am.  I didn’t know what to expect so was quite nervous and apprehensive but excited at the same time.

Anne reassured me I was there to enjoy myself but after months without training due to covid “lockdown” I still felt quite nervous and didn’t think I was up to going into the ocean without refreshing the skills I had already learned.

As well as Anne, Martin and Donald were there to encourage me, Claudia and Janet.  

Once kitted up Anne reminded me of all the safety precautions etc., and off we went.

It was a new experience and quite scary getting into the open water for the first time.  I worried about my buoyancy, the water being murky what was down there and most of all what if I panicked!  

After a little while I felt more able to relax. Anne shone her torch to point out the sealife then handed it to me and I could see the crabs, big and small, lots of starfish, little fish I’m told were gobbies and on the kelp a little shrimp pushed off really quickly. Fantastic!

Even though I was really nervous, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience in the open water and can’t wait to get back in.  It’s a whole new world down there and I’m looking forward to experiencing it again.

I have one warning to newbies – coming out of open water with all your equipment on is absolutely exhausting (haha).  I’ll need to build up some muscles!

Thank you to all the trainers for giving their time to us.


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