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Glencoe capers

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So myself and Andy Gibson made the long, but always worthwhile, drive up to Glencoe to meet Anne Peck with the intention of a nice long fruitful dive around Manse Point at Loch Leven.

Whilst the water is the main attraction in any of these days out, personally, the drive up to and into Glencoe is always special. It’s a magical place. So with Andys wonderful patter making the journey seem so much shorter, we soon picked up Anne and commenced the second part of the journey….the three minute drive to Manse Point.

Quickly suited and booted we got into the pleasant enough 12 degree water and headed out and down, maxing at the 25m mark. Marine life was sparse to say the least and it seemed that the only thing more bountiful than sand and kelp were brittle stars….oodles of them. A pleasant bimble saw us cutting back and forth as we slowly rose through the depths. This allowed us to enjoy…yep, you’ve guessed it…more brittle stars! Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some sizeable crabs, squat lobster, hermit crabs and even a tiny tiny scallop, but the brittle stars sure were the stars of the show today. 48 mins later, we were back on dry land and delighted and having got ourselves in and about the water again, but slightly downbeat at the lack of variety….hey ho, nature offers no guarantees !!

With Anne safely dropped off, myself and Andy headed to the Clachaig Inn, just up the road, for a bite to eat and a refreshment (we can highly, highly recommend the chips n cheese and the chips n gravy) before heading home, tired but happy at another safe days diving completed


Donald Bain

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