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Michael’s First Thistle Divers Dive

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Thistle Divers were delighted to have a new member, Michael, join us on Monday 1 August 2022. He was out for his first dive with the club on Sunday 7 August 2022 at Conger Alley on Loch Long with Andrew.

Despite arranging to meet at the very early time of 8am, we were still beaten to it by Boness Dive Club who must have got up at some ungodly hour. However, we managed to squeeze 5 cars into the layby by the cottage to avoid the long walk to the site.

Our first dive was to 18 metres for 35 minutes. The viz was not great at 15 metres but below that and also above it at 10 metres we could see plenty. There were more large fish on the site than I have ever seen, but we did not spot a conger.

We were a bit more adventurous on our second dive going to 22 metres. Again despite searching we could not spot a conger but saw lots of fish.

All in all a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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