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COVID has proven to be challenging in one way or another for us all.

For Thistle Divers, it will be a difficult year coming as we try to maintain our membership numbers and keep our RHIB, jeep and equipment maintained to allow us to get out as much as possible to dive different locations across Scotland.

Currently, under the restrictions, we encourage all our members to join in our monthly Zoom meetings as a way of keeping in touch before we finally see these easing up, allowing us all – long standing and trainee members to get back to a new ‘normal’ Invitations for Zoom meetings are sent via email to all club members with the appropriate’ ‘link’ to join in.

Hopefully, we can look forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible at the pool night, for a swim or to check out our gear and to get some refresher work done before venturing into the depths of our lovely Scottish seas and lochs.

Maybe we will see some new potential members waiting to learn to dive too!

So, let’s all really look forward to socialising, seeing our fishy friends again, having many of those sorely missed laughs and most of all enjoying new experiences and adventures as a Thistle Divers member.

See you all soon!

Thistle Divers

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