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Stephen’s First Open Water Dive

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My first day in open water … what a day!!!

I had completed all my pool sessions and was looking forward to my first open water dives with excitement and trepidation. Having been through the thoughts of ‘What should I wear under my undersuit?’ ‘How much food should I take?’ ‘How different will it feel to the pool?’ and ‘What if I forget everything I’ve been taught?’, the day finally arrived.

After meeting at Finnart on Loch Long at 8am and inserting myself into the dry suit in what felt like 30 degree of heat (it was only 20!!) the first of my three dives was all I hoped it would be. We went to 5m and went through the skills from the pool … I did remember them … what a relief!! The next 2 dives were fantastic with a mixture of skills and exploring. Lots of exploring. I could not believe how much life there was in there. Fish, crabs, starfish, anemones and lots of things I don’t know the name of. Many thanks to instructor Anne and dive buddy George for using their torches to highlight all they could to bring it to my attention.

I cannot wait for the next training day go get closer to my Ocean Diver qualification, but more than that I cannot wait to get back into the underwater world, and see what my next adventure holds.

Many thanks to everyone in the club for organising such a great day.

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