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Survey Dive Torpedo Site Loch Long

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Rob and I decided to dive a site that we have been wanting to get back to for months, the torpedoes at Loch Long.  Rob already has an excellent video on our site (take a look) of the torpedoes which he did over a summer a couple of years ago.  However, as this is March and we have had lots of winter weather to contend with, we didn’t know what the visibility would be like but could clearly see lots of fresh water gushing down into the loch when we looked around.

Entry to the site is tricky and does require a good wee swim out to the buoy but before we knew it, we were descending down into the green water.  Rob was measuring and taking bearings and I was to take photographs.  The one tip I would give anyone diving here is to ensure they have very good buoyancy as it is very silty, if not, you will not see a thing for dust!

Over two good dives we found lots of torpedoes and the remnants of a small boat as well as beautiful anemones, some little fish and Rob found a lobster living in a large torpedo (you can just spot his claw in the photo)!

The weather was very kind to us too as the sun was out and we had some blue sky, it was lovely!

I’m looking forward to going back to dive this site again, hopefully when it is warmer and sunnier to find more torpedoes and hopefully some of the beautiful firework anemones I saw the first time I dived this site.


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