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The John Ferguson Diver of the Year Award 2023

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Amongst all the admin of the AGM it was nice to have a moment where the club recognises what a member has brought to the club over the last year with the award of our John Ferguson Diver of the Year Trophy. The award had not been made for the last three years due to the significant interruption to club activities brought about by Covid. Also during that time the club lost our dear friend, founding member and honorary life member John Ferguson. It was decided therefore that it would be fitting to rename our “Diver of the Year” award as the “John Ferguson Diver of the Year” award in memory of John. As I said at the AGM John was a founding member of the club and remained a member up until his untimely death. It is no exaggeration to say that Thistle Divers reached its milestone of 50 years in existence in 2022 because of John. His tireless work to benefit the club over 48 years is quite immeasurable. But more to the point he was, as everyone who knew him agreed, just one of the most kind hearted and generous spirited individuals you would ever wish to meet. He is sorely missed.

The recipient of the award is chosen by the committee via a personal vote from each committee member. There were 7 votes for 5 different people tis year which showed the extent to which people have contributed to the club over the last year. However, I was pleased that the winner of the inaugural John Ferguson Diver of the Year Award was Anne Peck, who was a good friend of John’s for many years. I know John would be pleased to see all of Anne’s hard work this year being recognised. Comments about Anne being worthy of the award included “the amount of time she has spent on the training side at all levels this year and so involved in the running of the club” and “for her drive behind the anniversary celebration and her constantly trying to improve the club”.

Congratulations Anne.

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