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Well, hello there indeed! If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re looking into taking up this fantastic sport as your hobby of choice? Or are you already into diving and looking for a club? Maybe you’re just curious to find out what it’s all about? Whatever the case, just read on. There’s not a lot of words, but there’s a whole lot of information!

Who are Thistle Divers

We’re a small, friendly and active club of usually 20-25 members ranging from National Instructor to snorkeler. We’re a talented bunch boasting qualified instructors. We come from all walks of life and welcome anyone interested in sharing our passion. We’ve been on the go since 1972 and have a wealth of stories and tales to tell of diving to whet your appetite. We meet every Monday evening at Kilsyth Swimming Pool from around 6:45pm to 8:00pm, with access to the pool between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Thereafter we congregate in The Coachman in Kilsyth for refreshments, lots of dive chat and general diving banter!

What do Thistle Divers do?

We dive. We have fun! That’s what we do. We go diving all over Scotland, usually every weekend and in all weathers. If you’re already a diver, then I don’t need to tell you how fantastic and life-rich the waters of Scotland are. If you’re new to this, let me tell you that the underwater plant and animal life must be seen to be believed. Check out the Thistle Divers Facebook page, community group, Instagram account and YouTube channel and you’ll see some amazing images and videos from our dives. And don’t worry if you’re a new start, our dive weekends cater to all levels and you’ll soon progress with regular outings, and at your own pace of course.

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Why should I join?

Em…because you want to? Never be pressured. It’s a fun but serious sport. Come and meet us. If you like us…join! If you don’t like the feel of the club, try another one. Just don’t give up on you’re thoughts of taking up diving.

A big plus we do have is a 6.5m club RHIB and a club jeep to tow it with! Having our own boat opens up so many of our beautiful country’s great dive sites. There’s not many clubs where you could dive at Glencoe one weekend and be at the Bass Rock the next.

We try to arrange diving holidays each year too, usually one abroad and one or two at home. Always worth considering!

But what will it cost me?

Not as much as other clubs, that’s for sure! Again, do the homework and ask about. Don’t just take my word for it. From 2024/25 club fees are only £120 per annum (that’s the equivalent of £10 a month people!) and BSAC fees (which you’ll pay at any BSAC club you join) are £68.50 per annum. How good is that?

If you’re new, to train up to ocean diver is £325….but wait for it…that includes your first year club and BSAC fees (£188.50) and all training equipment needed for your six pool training lessons and 3 open water training days (with the exception of a dry suit which you need to hire as they are personal to your size). It also includes theory lectures, a divers manual and ocean diver training course book (£45 for the booklets). If you would rather learn at your own pace and do the online course via BSAC your training will cost £350 (as the online course is a little more expensive – £370).

You want to go out on our RHIB? Of course you do. That costs £15 to get your place on the boat and plus your share of the cost of fuel for the boat and the jeep. Not too bad either, is it?

We have an excellent stock of fully serviced equipment and this can also be hired for a small fee should you need it, and a breakdown of these costs are set out below.

Oh yes, and I must add the pool fee. Our “home pool” is Kilsyth and we all pay £5.10 at present for our hour to swim, train, practice…whatever we are doing.

Once you qualify (or if you need additional training) and need to hire kit the costs are:-

£2 in the pool for full scuba or the use of a regulator, BCD or cylinder.

£5 in open water for a BCD.

£5 in the open water for a regulator.

£20 in the open water for two cylinders (if returned needing refilled).

You can borrow our weight belts, masks and fins for no charge as long as you return them.

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