Trail Island, Little Cumbrae

Diving Trail Island.
Meeting up with fellow divers on this particular beautiful Sunday morning was exhilarating! The sun cast long warm shadows while we indulged in a coffee from Costa courtesy of Anne. While final checks were made of the dive equipment, trailer and boat, we discussed the plan for the day.

We set off for Largs on the Clyde coast and after overcoming a few slippery challenges, we managed to launch the club Rhib. It really was a great team effort!
Largs was busier than normal due to a country & Western convention and the atmosphere was one of excitement as passers by stopped to chat with us, then waved as we sailed away towards the Islands.

Six of us spent a glorious day sunbathing in between dives and of course lunch in one of the stoney bays.
Anne and Craig recovered ‘treasure’ in the form of an old Marine nail found at the South tip of Trail Island. After we had inspected and photographed it, it was returned to the deep to be found another day.
A few of us used the time to practice dsmb deployment during our leisurely drift dives from South to North, on the East coast of little Cumbrae, a popular spot with our club and fellow divers. It boasts some picturesque sites where a varied population of wildlife thrive around the light enthused rocky shores.
As planned, the diving would finish at 4pm and the Coastguard informed of the end of a safe days diving, we recovered the boat at the slipway. It was a bit easier this time as the tide was high.
As we swapped stories, we de-kitted the boat and ourselves we had a quick debrief, then set off in convoy for the trip home.
Dive manager: Anne Peck.

the-boss-woman-wee-anne  dive-crew   dive-crew1
Divers: Allan, Darren, Donald,
Craig and Audrey.

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