Training Day, Loch Long

Training Day

After a few attempts at bringing instructors and students together at the same place, on the same day and at the same time, we succeeded on Sunday the 13th March at Loch Long.

In the carpark of the A frames we had a pre dive brief before “buddies” donned kit and made their way to the waters edge.

Now arranging a days diving is one thing, but when it comes to feeding the divers, well that’s another story. However, in my defence I can only say that I must have been absent on the day that the club held

BBQ training!

One of our new recruits enjoyed the sausages so much, he actually took half a dozen home… Thanks Dexter.

As the first wave of divers exited the now flooding Loch, there were a few smiles of satisfaction from both trainees and instructors. All the effort and time spent receiving training and instructing trainees in the pool had proven to be very effective and well worth the hard work. Sadly, they were quickly brought back down to earth when presented with a half raw and half charcoal lunch.

We were also joined by a few members of the GUSAC and were able to assist them not only with shore cover, but one of our assistant instructors was able to help out by buddying one of their divers.

Training Day 1       Training Day

Everyone who attended got a dive and achieved something whether it was sharpening skills or just giving them a polish.

After the debrief we met up again at the Green Kettle for a cuppa and a heat by the fire. Except for Andy and Dexter, Andy had to drive him home, he had a tummy upset apparently?

All in all it was a good day with a few laughs and we are already planning the next training event which will hopefully take place in June.

Keep an eye on the website for the details.

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